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From Laura to Lura, Lula, Lols, Lolita - my friends have been creative with my nicknames since school. But Lola remains my favorite.
These friends and also my wedding couples value my great sense of humor, reliability and creativity, as well as the fact that I'm always the calm anchor in a group. In stressful times (just like on a wedding day) I stay cool and transfer this aura to the others. It might also be my zodiac sign Aquarius, which has blessed me with the combination of two characteristics that are ideal for wedding photography: creativity & sociability.
What started as a hobby became my full time job in 2020. I worked in marketing in big companies before where I realized I am only working to make someone at the very top earn more and more money. Now I can make YOU richer. With memories of the beautiful moments in life. And that fulfills me every single day.

I’m a 90’s girl · Bachelor in Communications · Shot the first wedding in 2018 · 

A very balanced person · But also a little bit crazy sometimes · Dancing Queen (even though I'm not talented) · Ironic & dry humor · I lived in the US for half a year & backpacked around South East Asia for 3 months · In love with pizza, icecream and vino, but also #healthyfood & #smoothiebowls 



Traveling is my therapy

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