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E m o t i o n a l   E l o p e m e n t  

a t   t h e   b e a c h   i n   N o o r d w i j k

Bastian & Laura decided to fight against Corona with a change of plans. The couple eloped at the Dutch coast. It was only the two of them. And a small team of wonderful wedding vendors.


My day started with the Getting Ready. Even though there were no bridesmaids, friends or family around at the getting ready, I captured some deep moments, the last steps before the ceremony and their lovingly chosen wedding details. When the free ceremony - hold by Maja from Agentur Traumhochzeit  - started, Laura walked barefoot towards Bastian. What a dream. Accompanied by the emotional voice of talented singer Jaqueline Rubino. The view on the sea and the wedding arch by Ihr Traut Euch with flowers by Hochzeitsbouquetterie was breathtaking. It felt like because there was no one else around, Laura & Bastian could express their feelings even more and were just free. This feeling lasted until the couple shooting at the end of the day. There was no pressure to look "perfect", so that the dress from Brautblüte simply flew over the sand and sea. And on top of that, we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset one could imagine. 

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