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T i n y  G a r d e n  W e d d i n g
Nina & Jan

When the alternative turns out to be the best decision: Instead of canceling or postponing their wedding, Nina & Jan decided to have a tiny wedding in the garden. It was the first long coverage for me in 2021 and I was really happy that the two of them had thought so much and declared war against Corona! I was finally able to accompany a wonderful Getting Ready again. Finally photograph the last set of styling by Jessie and all the lovingly selected details such as the two-piece suit from Maleika Brautboutique and the bouquet of Blumen Hermes, be there while toasting champagne and capture the anticipation that is in the air. A really emotional moment was when the mother of the bride saw her daughter as a bride for the first time.
Perfectly equipped with my favorite drink Club Mate, which the bride had bought especially for me, I went over to the groom again, where the boys treated themselves to a last beer and I photographed the great garden decorations from We Say Yes Wedding in an untouched state. One emotional moment followed the next, because I was allowed to capture Ninas & Jan's first look at the Standesamt Haus Neersdonk. The marriage ceremony for two was arranged very lovingly by the registrar - we laughed and cried. The weather was also on our side and so family & friends were waiting outside in front of Haus Neersdonk and congratulations could also take place without masks on. After a reception on site, we went back to the garden at home, where the most beautiful tartlets from Victoria Wieck were waiting for the guests. At the end we had a wonderful bridal couple shoot, just before the rain started. What a perfect timing, perfect day, perfect people!

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